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The Greehouse Complex

On an area of 60 000 m² in the town of Kaahka in the Ahal region is located our greenhouse which is designed for cultivation of vegetable crops.

The activity launch of our greenhouse «AHAL AGROPARK» was in 2018. A natural coconut substrate ORGANIC COCOPEAT is used for sowing tomato seedlings. Humblebees, are used for biological pollination of plants. Biosecurity with the use of entomophages, helps us to reduce the use of pesticides and chemicals.

For the quality crop production, all measures have been taken in an innovative and safe approach

Automated irrigation system combined with hydroponics technology

ensures careful use of an invaluable water resource

Automated sunlight control

thanks to the shading mechanism, eliminates the use of energy-consuming additional illumination

Water treatment using reverse osmosis system by LG company

allows to use crystal-clear water for watering seedlings

In the beginning of our journey, when buying seeds for a greenhouse, we were primarily guided by a guarantee of quality, so we gave our preference to seeds of European standards, which were brought from countries such as Spain, France and Holland.

The main list of varieties grown in our greenhouse consists of:


Pink Paradise

Pink Crystal



Since the beginning of the harvest from 2019, 70% of tomatoes are exported to the neighboring countries and 30% sold within Turkmenistan.

The geographical structure of foreign trade is only growing and to date the list of exported countries includes: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Considering the scale of our crop, about 2,000 tons per year, our greenhouse employs more than 100 people
In 2019, invited experts and agronomists from Turkey were involved in training our employees.

Nowadays, additional control over the process is implemented remotely. In the near future, by the end of 2022, we plan to expand the greenhouse up to 120,000m², which will allow us to double our crop production, tap new markets and increase our product range.